Whether your aesthetic gravitates towards traditional or contemporary, bright colors or neutral, maximalism or minimalism, your home should showcase your personality and function in the best possible way.  Determining which style represents you is the first step to creating the home of your dreams and Gin Treadwell Home is here to help! Take a look at the descriptions of 6 popular design styles, and see which one most closely resonates with you.  You may discover that you are drawn to a combination of styles- many people are! By incorporating elements specific to the style you love, you’ll end up with a home that not only looks great, but reflects you.


Elegant, classic and comforting, this style has a symmetry and often feels European.  Furnishings are plush, with a mix of both straight and curved lines.  Fabrics are sumptuous, textured and patterned. Colors are rich and layered.  Dark wood, antiques and the use of plenty of accessories all contribute to a Traditional feel.


Airy, casual and relaxed, Coastal style is a favorite amongst beach lovers.  The color palette typically incorporates shades of blue, green, taupe and white- reflective of sand, beach and sky.  West Coast style tends to emphasize lighter shades and modern styling, while East Coast style favors deeper shades and more traditional furnishings.  Gin Treadwell Home Design can help you achieve this look in your home.  Give us a call at 310-435-1272.

Mid-Century Modern

Borrowing from the 1930’s- 1960’s time period, Mid-century modern interior design style appeals to those who prefer a minimalist, retro approach to decorating.  Featuring organic shapes, simple fabrications, and pops of bright color with an emphasis on functionality, Mid-century modern furnishings can look great in almost any setting and mix well with other design styles.


Industrial style is a cool mix of warehouse elements and urban vibes. Minimal and masculine, this style generally incorporates raw wood, moody hues, reclaimed metal and machinery, giving off a statement-making appearance.  If you appreciate exposed brick, steel pipes, and concrete floors, Industrial style may be the design choice for you.  


This style is about energetic, bold finds and furnishings. If you like mixing color palettes, textures, patterns, and cultural elements, then this is the style for you.  Eclectic is fun, artsy and perfectly imperfect. It can be easy to go overboard with the eclectic approach, leading to a cluttered environment, so consider enlisting Gin for her expertise to help you achieve this ideal space.


Warm, practical, and relaxed with a country vibe describes Farmhouse style. Rustic wood, washable fabrics, and vintage decor create a comfortable home environment that hearkens back to simpler times. Decor ranges from country chic elements such as tin signs and farm equipment to unique, heirloom hand-me-downs. Farmhouse is perfect for those who prefer a more casual way of living whether in the country or city.

Whether looking for assistance in determining your design style to implementing that style to create the home of your dreams, Gin Treadwell is here to help.  Call us today at 310-435-1272 to schedule a consultation, or visit our website to learn more.  For all of your design needs, there’s no place like HOME.