The Power of Home Staging

If you are thinking of  putting your house on the market, consider having your house professionally staged.  A good stager will consider size and style of the house, location, and of course the Seller’s budget when coming up with a design plan.  Even simple stagings can have great effect, although keep in mind that the cost of staging a vacant home will be considerably more than an occupied one because all furnishings and decor will need to be rented and brought into the house.  While staging can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, the initial output almost always pays itself off- studies show professionally staged homes typically sell quickly and for top dollar, which of course is the goal of any Seller.

The photo examples shown below are of a staging I recently worked on.  The house was not large, but had an open floor plan, clay tile floors and an updated kitchen.  It was also very taste specific in decor. By paring down and rearranging furnishings, as well as limiting decorative elements, the house feels bright and spacious.  Potential buyers can now focus on the house itself, rather than all of the Seller’s possessions.



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