DIY Tips: Easy To Create Charming Wood Server

I’ve always been a crafty person, but I’ll admit that between life/ kids/ home/ business, I have difficulty finding the time to break out my glue gun!¬†Luckily, this little project required only about 30 minutes (if that!) to complete, and while I didn’t use my hot glue gun, glue was involved. For a few years now I’ve been keeping my eyes open for an attractive utensil holder to put out for parties and gatherings.

Last Summer I was charmed by an adorable server at a client’s house. It was a wood cutlery tray that had been painted, and had feet attached in the form of 4 crystal knobs, as well as two drawer pulls attached to the sides to use as handles. My client said she had found it at a boutique years ago and used it frequently. I was inspired!

Recently, I created my own server using a wood tray found at HomeGoods and drawer pulls from IKEA. I wanted something contemporary and streamlined, so left the tray as found (walnut stained) and chose nickel pulls that had straight lines and were a little chunky. Flipping the tray over, I measured placement for the pulls on opposite ends, applied a small amount of E6000 glue directly to the wood, and held the pulls in place for a few minutes to adhere, wiping away excess glue with a toothpick. I then left the tray untouched for about an hour. I had read about E6000 glue on a crafting blog, but this was my first time using it. I am a fan! (For this kind of project, it was WAY better than Superglue!). And that’s all that was required- I now have a footed utensil server. It looks great on the countertop or table, and guests can help themselves to the cutlery they need.

*Note: I would recommend using screws to attach pulls to the tray if pulls are to be used as handles. For my purposes, the glue was just fine to attach the pulls as “feet”.

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