A New Facade

We moved into our house four years ago.  At the time, the house was 8 years old and in need of some maintenance and updating.  We created a Master To- Do List and every year we’ve tackled one major home project.  But, while exterior paint was on that list, it kept getting bumped down.  When the time came for my husband and I to assess this Summer’s project, we could no longer hold off on painting the house.  She had been baking in the hot SoCal sun for 15 years, and was in desperate need of a facelift.  Not only was the paint horribly faded, but there were a number of cracks and missing chunks of stucco (thanks to the previous tenants dogs who chewed it up!) that needed repairing.  We looked into several options and hired a painter who came highly recommended by a couple of friends.  The painter did a great job, spending two days to prep and three to paint.  The original color of the house was a golden- peach with brown trim, which my husband hated.  The color didn’t bother me but I was open to a change, so after some discussion we decided to go with white paint and dark brown trim which we thought would compliment the Spanish styled exterior.  The problem with white paint is that there are SO MANY variations of the color!  I picked two, creamy whites out of our painter’s swatch booklet, he put up test patches on the house, and I chose the creamier shade of the two.  The house looks really good- clean and bright, BUT… It’s not the white I was envisioning in my head.  I was hoping for a “half and half” shade of white and we ended up with a “2% milk” shade.  The decorator/ perfectionist/ OCD side of me is kicking myself for not getting the color right, while the practical side of me is saying to just get over it because there is no sense in torturing myself about it. (SIGH)

Regardless, the house look SO much better than before, and several of our neighbors were impressed enough to ask our painter for estimates for their homes.  Now I’m itching to complete my vision of curb appeal by planting low growing, red carpet roses in front of the white rose bushes that I put in a few years ago.  Unfortunately for me, changes to the landscape will have to wait until next year.  With our current water restrictions and the season, it’s just not a good time to plant anything.  A client recently asked me if, as a decorator, was my house ever “finished”?  Honestly… Probably not.  But with every item crossed off our Master List, we’re getting closer!  And in 10 years when the last project is finally completed, you know what’s going to happen?  We’ll probably have to paint the house again.  Maybe then I’ll get my perfect shade of white… 😉




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